14 November 2011

A Word of Warning

If you decide to invade my dreams, there are a few rules you need to follow. First, I get to make all of the cool decisions. Second, it's all about me. Third, you will gladly risk your own (insert important thing here) so that I can get away from any potential bad guys that might be lurking around. If you are the bad guys there are a whole different set of rules, which I will not go over today.

So this morning, in the last hour of my sleeping time, I kept waking up and going back to sleep only to end up in the same dream. Something about a house, running from suburban killers, secret codes and a lot of extraneous walking. Oh, and ridiculously manicured lawns. No idea what that was about.

Anyway, at one point two men and I have to get back into the house. No problem, one of them knows the code to get us inside.

Apparently the concept of “time crunch” has never instilled itself into this guy's head. We run across a street that's like six lanes wide, up the driveway and onto the porch. I reach up to key pad and look at the guy, expecting to get the code.

He smiles.

He smiles and then holds up a monetary bill of some kind that's larger than a regular piece of paper. He continues to grin one of those annoying “I know something you don't” kind of grins and points at the upper right hand corner of the bill.

I was like, “Is that the code?”

He shakes his had. “Nope, it's a clue.”

A clue? A CLUE!?! What the . . . I told him we were in a hurry. Nothing. I threatened him. Nothing. He told me it has to do with nostrils. I think about sticking the paper up his nostril. The dumb jerk didn't punch the code in until my dream world started flooding the entire place with water that mysteriously bubbled up from under the ground. Then all of the stuffed animals got wet. For whatever reason that was important.

So I woke up grouchy at this dumb guy and his ever more idiotic friend. The day didn't get any better than that until I cleaned the bathroom after work.

Yes, my life is that sad.

Just over 28,000 words for Nano! Hey, maybe I'll write the stupid code keeper in and kill him off in a not very nice way.


Antiquarian said...

Sounds like a typical dream to me. At least you weren't naked...though I bet when you woke up you had to pee *nods*

-Jo- said...

No! That was the strange thing. No after effects of water/flooding. So strange.