13 November 2011

Transformers 3

Yes, I realize I'm behind.

Summary borrowed form the web:

The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on the Moon, and race against the Decepticons to reach it and to learn its secrets.

Transformers is one of my favorite childhood cartoons! I loved it as a kid and I probably still have my original Grimlock action figure from the 80's. Bumblebee is my favorite with Jazz as a close second.

The first movie was okay. It made me laugh and had some decent action scenes, although I thought the actual robots were a bit on the pansy side. This is Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron people! Let the destruction begin!

The second movie I blocked from my mind. I remember next to nothing about it and I have no inclination (or even a glimmer of desire) to revisit it in order to bring it back into clarity.

I'd heard that this third movie was better than the second one.

I think that's true. Like I said, I don't remember much of #2.

Unfortunately, I still think it was a horrible movie. Good stuff included a few small bits of the plot and most of the action. Optimus Prime kicked some serious trash—finally. Very cool effects and tense-ness during the destruction of almost everything the camera focused on.

The idea of Optimus Prime being pissed off and giving the silent treatment cracked me up. It's 100% untrue to his character, but funny all the same.

Frankly, the human story in this is crap. The story they should have told is Optimus Prime's. He's lost his planet and most of his friends. His greatest enemy has been reawakened and almost killed him—and now he's back again. His leader is miraculously found and revived, only to betray him. He looses more friends and he's got to wonder why in the world he's trying to protect these annoying, petty, over governing humans.

Who cares that the still obnoxious Sam can't find a job and treats Bumblebee like he's the family dog? Come to think of it, where was the dog? And who cares about his trophy girlfriend? Although her thing with Megatron at the end made me think slightly more of her. And being able to run through a ruined city in those heels for hours on end means she's one tough chick. But really, did anyone believe their relationship? Perhaps if Sam's character had actually grown up a bit in five or six years I could have felt something for him on screen. But no. The writers weren't nice enough to write that in.

I'd love to see someone who can tell an awesome story get a hold of the Transformers and figure out a way to revive the franchise. But please, don't make it stupid. We watched an over dramatic anime movie after we watched Dark Side of the Moon and were appalled to find it a much better film.

Sad, but true.

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Antiquarian said...

So what was the Anime? I'm desperate for something new. Like I said on Saturday - the only thing I have left is Bleach and even that has gotten a little old.