22 February 2016

5 Perfectly Wretched Ideas for Curing Discouragement

As most of you know, I'm in the middle of writing four books of a five book series. Book one came out last May. Well, it's kicking my butt. Pretty much I feel like this guy right here. Only with more chocolate around.

This is normal. I go through these weeks when I'm pretty sure that I'm the queen of the world, but all too soon the world decides it doesn't want a queen (what's up with that?) and pulls the proverbial rug out from underneath my feet. That's when I end up discouraged. Stupid world.

I look at my work in process and think about burning the entire thing. Computer, monitor and all.

If anyone else is feeling this way, do not despair, there is help!

1) Call a friend who is always having more drama than you:

For instance, the other day I was venting about my woes and sorrows to one of my writing buddies. She's got four kids and a very busy husband, so I don't dump on her very often, but this was one of those days. I asked if she could do lunch the next day. When she told me she had a Minecraft themed party to throw for her five year old's birthday for eight of his friends, I instantly felt better. So. Much. Better.

2) Read someone elses book:

The trick to this one is to find a book that's worse than mine. I know, pretty low, right, but seriously, I've downloaded a dozen or more freebies from writing acquaintances. I'll go to the gym, get on the treadmill, pull up one of their books (probably the one with the worst cover) and start to read. This is what I say to myself, "See, it could be so much worse." Bad mood gone.

3) Binge watch Netflix

For plotting help. Really. Watching a season of a show with a nice, juicy, long arc is perfect research. How did they foreshadow? What was the pacing like? Will Dean or Sam take off their shirts this episode?
You can stop judging me now. It's all for the writing!

4) Chemical enhancement

Invoke your drug of choice-chocolate, bacon, alcohol and whatever else you shouldn't put into your body-then take a nap, hoping the your dreams will resolve all of your story issues. And all of your other issues.

5) Violence


Try one of these avenues of healing and in no time you'll feel like this guy!