20 November 2011

This Week

Thanksgiving is coming up this week. It is my favorite holiday, so I figure I should spend some time thinking about all the things I have to be thankful for.

First off, even though I'm about ready to open up a can of kick a** at work, I am grateful that I have a job that provides me with a sufficient amount of income form which I can pay my bills, save a little and have a bit leftover for play. Oh, and right now it's supporting my writing habit.

Next I need to mention my family. Unlike some families, drama does not dominate our gatherings and usually people don't go home from a birthday party feeling shunned, picked on, upset and/or otherwise defiled by the rest of the family. We're downright boring in the drama department, and for that I am very thankful. The worst that happens and my oldest sister and I get into the “She's touching me!” fight. Sad when they sit the 7 year old between us to keep us from bickering. Really we just want to harass the 7 year old. Or his older brothers. We're good aunties like that.

My entire life has been filled with good friends. I've got friends that I still see on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that I went to Kindergarten with. Really. I've always had good support from those around me, and my friends put up with all of the crazy things I want to do in this life. Like hiking to Druid Arch in the snow, for instance, writing books, traveling the world (although my sister has helped with that one) and having Lord of the Rings movie marathons for my birthday. The best part about it is that I'm still making new friends, and I love it!

The past year has seen an unprecedented (look at that awesome word!) push forward for me and writing. Death Camp was just over a year ago. Since then I've completed a novel and sent it out for query. I've written two more novels in rough draft form, came in second in a short story contest, won a first chapter contest, stalked agents, met editors, joined an awesome writing group (or two), seen a friend publish her first book, felt like I've maybe helped a few other people along the scary, writing path and in general, learned to love writing and storytelling even more than I did before.

Thus far I have my health, my happiness, joy in my religion, a comfortable place to live and I've still got my sense of humor.

There are a lot more things that I wish would happen, but life is good.

The t-shirts say so!

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Antiquarian said...

Your welcome. I am Queen of the Universe - my mug states it *points* - so I guess I'm responsible for your good fortune. *wink*

Although don't come complaining to me if life sucks. I do not pay enough attention to mere mortals to "fix" it. *hands you a bumper stick that reads "just deal"*.