19 July 2011

Secrets Revealed

Today we learned the secret to Sensei's torture, er, I mean training regime. He told us that every weekend, two of his friends go and visit Satan. They bring back the latest and greatest in, shall we say, motivational techniques. They show Sensei, who then uses them on us.

This explains so much! I mean who thinks up stuff like this:
Lay down with your back on the floor
Make your right hand into a fist
Put your thumb joint on your forehead
Place your left hand, palm down, on top of your fist
Now raise your head off the ground an inch or so
Then push down with your left hand while you keep your head up with your neck muscles

Really, go try it. After forty five seconds I couldn't even lift my head off the ground anymore. I probably looked like a newborn baby, with my noggin all flopping around, randomly threatening to pop off my now very sore neck.

I wonder if we should feel privileged to be subjected too such a professional regime.

I'm feeling something, but it's more like the need for some ibuprofen. And maybe some ice.

Neck massage, anyone? Anyone? Is this what you use boyfriends and husbands for?

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