17 July 2011

Ping Pong Brain

I've begun the querying process for my novel. Yay!

I've started my next project (another Young Adult book, this one has a little bit of a Dystopian feel to it. Very dark, but very cool. I get to use my limited Kung Fu knowledge in this one). Yay!

This past week I've been trying to hammer out the whys and such for this new stories plot. Or would that be story's plot? Er, not sure. Brain is fried. Just bear with me here. Plot.

This morningI was putting together my “you should really get this done” list and a series synopsis for my first novel wormed it's way onto it. I've been thinking about it for a while, and I should really have one ready since I've send out a few queries with the “this book stands alone bit is part of a planned trilogy” line in it. Who knows, perhaps someone will actually want to know more about it. That would be very cool, by the way. I might even do the dance of joy. Okay, I would do the dance of joy, but in private, where no one would be scarred for life from watching it. I don't dance. Just trust me.

So this afternoon I thought I'd try to put a series synopsis together for my first novel. I've tossed quite a few ideas into my notebook (have to brainstorm on paper with a pen, still can't do it as well on the computer) and have a decent plot for the second book going on, not so much for book three. Just a handful of ideas and how the whole thing ends.

I didn't think I could put a synopsis for the entire series together, but after I used the 7 point plot system for the story, I found that I'm in better shape than I thought! I just typed up the synopsis, and I like it.

One author I heard in an interview said that she did a series synopsis for her agent, wrote the trilogy, went back to the synopsis and was pleased that she stuck pretty close to the overall plot.

I want to be able to say that someday.

Going back and forth between plots hurt my head a little bit. I had to eat some ice cream to cool it down. Maybe I should go get some more of that. Or a Creamie.

No, a cool glass of water won't be good enough.

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Melissa Lemon said...

Story's. It shows posession. I just can't stop editing, sorry. I am still thinking about your book today, so that means it left a mark. Cool, huh? I really loved it. You'll have to share that 7-point plot with us someday. I'd better go do my blog post now. Stalling.