20 July 2011

Oh the Pain!

It finally happened. The long awaited event that could be pivotal to the next step in my life. The inevitable ending to my latest activity.

I got my first rejection letter. Well, rejection e-mail. Snail mail would be even more painful. And take longer.

I should be excited that it was personalized, but the fact that I met the agent at a conference probably upped me to the non-format rejection. That and it doesn't take terribly long to type like twenty five words. Still, I'm glad the agent looked at my novel. This was my dream agent because of their connections in Europe, but something else will come along. I've only just begun this section of the journey.

At least that's what I'm telling myself today. Like Dory the fish, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . .”

Even though I have, over the past week, prepared myself for the beginning of the rejection pile, it still hurt. Not as bad as it could have, but enough to sting. I guess I'll need to get over that pretty quick. The next one could be here any second.

Okay, I'll stop rambling now. Time for moving on.

But before I go, just a report that plotting on the next project continues. It feels easier this time around, which is nice. Gives me hope that I'm doing something right.

Don't crush the hope. Just leave it people. Or ninja girl will come after you. Swish, swish. There she went!

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Tohru said...

So sorry! Hope one of the others has the good sense to pick up your novel.