24 July 2011

Parde fun!

It's that time again. 24th of July parade here in Salt Lake City. I spent two days last week at the preview party for the floats. Here are a couple of pictures I took. For more, tune in tomorrow morning and watch the parade on TV! Unless you're one of those people that is sleeping out tonight on the parade route. Good luck to those people.

And do those flying eggs remind anyone else of flying monkeys? Just wondering.


Lisa said...

Didn't notice the flying eggs as much as the "WTF Foundation", I think they should have spelled that one out.

Lace and Books said...

When ever I see a dragon float now I think of Thomas the train. There is a story about a dragon float that scares poor James to death. *laugh* I do like that one though.

I have to agree with Lisa on the name thing. I don't even know what it's supposed to be. I know the CIA uses it for Wikileak Task Force, but some how I don't think that's it.

-Jo- said...

I didn't even notice that! I was way more interested in the fact that the dragon spit mist.

Besides, WTF=Where's the Fridge? Maybe he's hungry.