25 March 2011

Shopping and Sisters

This evening I went shopping with my sisters. Oh, and the niece, can't forget her. Every year for at least the past four years we've taken the middle sister shopping for her birthday. Mostly it's a day (or in this case and evening) to just hang out, look at ridiculous things that we would never purchase, and get said sister a birthday present. It's way easier to make her pick out her own present. Saves a whole lot of guessing along with a bunch of “Gee, thanks for the, uh, what is that?” moments.

I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it, but I'm not a girlie girl. I don't usually get off on frilly clothes, shoes, jewelry or bags. Name brands mean little to nothing to me (see my last post—it's a carryover from my sabotaged childhood) and if it's not comfortable you can bet the farm that I won't buy it.

My oldest sister, on the other hand, is girlie enough for the two of us. She's corrupting the niece too. Of course my niece and I were once playing a game (she was little, probably just five or six) and she said if I lost I had to wear pink for a whole day. Smart kid. Evil girl. I have high hopes for her. If the oldest sister doesn't completely girlify her first.

Anyway, my oldest sister found this, er, lovely sweater that she was just sure I would adore. Sweaters are okay. I like v-necks, but not if the neck is covered in ruffles. Big, intrusive, pink ruffles. The entire sweater was pink. I am absolutely certain that I do not own anything that is entirely pink. I'm just not into it. Please don't look down on me for this. I'm okay with other people liking pink. It's like broccoli—someone has to like it, it's eatable after all. Pink is a color, so someone should wear / own it.

My sister attempted to talk me into trying the sweater on.
But it's tender!
No. Absolutely not.
Fine, I'm buying it.

So she did. She'll probably stuff it in my sock for Christmas and then say I have an obligation to wear it. Bright pink ruffles. Really?


Antiquarian said...

Pink is not a color! It's a tint. "Pink" is nothing but diluted red. There is no other color one the wheel that is anything other than a light or dark variation on its base color. Lt. Blue, Drk Green etc.
But NOOOO "pink" has to have it's own label - pretentious snarky color. And before you bring up gray keep in mind that it is Black and White combined and is not a part of the color wheel. Gray is more the love child of these tinting/shading elements.
Also, wearing pink only furthers the cultural attitudes that women are flighty and less than capable. ie the "princesses" mentality.

Just say no to pink - Alwasy.

Lisa said...

I used to have this aversion to pink. Than remember I love all colors and they have there place. I wouldn't purchase on purpose many pink things still. Pink used to be associated with boys, that's what I've heard anyway. I'm more of the purple girl.

Lisa said...

Oh, side tract, I meant to say, I hope there were pictures taken! :)

-Jo- said...

Alas, no pictures. M is probably trying to photoshop me into some pink fru-fru thing as we speak. Just imagine what she would do!

Grow Family said...

Jo I am so with you on the aversion to Pink. Although my mom did make me pink dresses when I was little. I am glad to choose my own colors. I was so mad when Jaymee was born because I couldn't find any other colors for a baby girl besides pink. Come on people! Yellows, purples, greens, blues are colors for girls too! Okay. Done with my rant.

Poor Jo! I am trying to imagine what this sweater looks like with all the ruffles.

-Jo- said...

Avert your eyes, trust me.
I do have one pink dress . . . my sister got married in the 80's and her colors were pink and gray. Family obligation, you understand.