22 March 2011


When I was a kid, I was convinced that my parent's didn't care if I looked like the biggest dork on the planet. Well, I think that's actually true, they didn't care. I rarely got anything that even loosely resembled to the latest fad—whether it be those cool jelly bracelets, a VCR, a kitten, one of those little troll pencil toppers, moon boots, name brand crayons . . . you get my drift. My parents did not make me cool. They didn't usually even give me a fighting chance. So I remember those few times when I either begged my guts out (finally getting what I wanted so badly) or when they had a moment of insanity, and I got something “cool” out of it.

One in particular still makes me happy. When I was in junior high I finally got not only a jean skirt (about an inch above the knees, so I was convinced it was a mini skirt) but a jean jacket.

Yes, folks, a jean jacket. These things come in and out of style all the time. But I had just got big hair (hey, it was the 80's), just got settled into junior high AND I got a jean jacket. I was the epitome of cool. At least in my mind I was. Don't burst my bubble.

I decorated the jean jacket with cool pins with equally cool sayings on them like “Is that a mask or your real face?”. Yes, I was snarky even then. Well, I was really quiet back then, so I let the pins do the talking for me. I wish I could remember what the others ones said. They were funny.

The jacket never came off of me. I think I wore it all year round for at least two years. Winter, summer, fall, spring, night, day . . . it might have come off for church. Loved it. Lived in it. The best part is, I still have it.

However, even being a chubby 7th grader didn't guarantee that it still fits. It does, sort of, but it's a bit tight.

So when I saw an adorable jean jacket on sale the other day at the store I couldn't help myself. I had to have it. Now I own it. And I have to admit, I feel pretty cool in it. Do I look cool? Who knows. Now I don't care what other people think (not about this anyway). Leave me in my delusion. I'm happy here. And cool.

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Lisa said...

Oh yes there will be many in our age group who can relate to this one! I being one of them... although not to owning one now, and I must admit a little jealous. Are you going to pin anything to this one??? hee hee.