20 March 2011

Potent Peppermint Permeates Pastry

Okay, technically homemade oreo cookies are not a pastry. At least I don't think they're a pastry. I'm not entirely clear on the matter, but when I hear pastry I think of light and fluffy treats with fruit in them and crumbly crust stuff.

No, I am not a baker or a chef. Forgive me if you know more than I do about it. Which wouldn't be hard, mind you. Like five minutes of Googling would probably do it.

I did learn something today. Something about baking. Peppermint extract goes a long, long way.

I made the homemade oreos for a dinner that I was going to with some friends. Since it was St. Patrick's Day this past week I figured I may as well dye the cream cheese frosting green. Green frosting sitting between two chocolate cookies practically screamed to be turned into minty goodness.

Really, there was screaming . . . coming from the mixing bowl. Even the cookies were saying things like, “You'll look like you're lying to everyone if you don't make them mint. Then you'd be a liar on Sunday, and what would that do for you in the grander scheme of things?”

How am I supposed to put up with that kind of pressure?

Well, I probably would have ignored it if my roommate hadn't said we had some peppermint extract in the cupboard. So I dove in, found it, extracted it (haha) and jiggled the bottle. There were maybe three drops left. So I dumped all three drops into the two cups of green frosting that I had.

Three drops is a lot. Well, a lot of peppermint resides in those three drops. Could have been four. Maybe. It doesn't matter now. Totally awesome homemade oreo cookies are now only sub par because the minty goodness got out of control. Mind you that hasn't stopped me from eating like four. Freshens breath, don't you know!

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Antiquarian said...

This happened to Rick once with some ice cream. He was using some of that uber concentrate candy making stuff that requires only 1 drop. The story goes something like this. Instead of poring it into a spoon and THEN adding it he went "drip drip ...sloosh" Kitchen smelled of mint for days I'm told (he was a bachelor at this time) AND the ice cream tasted like toothpaste. Yuck.