28 January 2011

Query Letter-Round 1

Dear Agent, does this make you want to read my novel?

Lysandra Blake hasn't always felt the need to rip people's eyes out of their sockets. Two weeks ago her most pressing need was completing her art project before Friday. Now, after brutally attacking her mother, she sits in a psych ward, wondering what happened to her life.

Guild ridden and questioning her sanity, Lys has all but given up, until Mr. Mason comes along. He reveals that Lys is addicted to a rare and deadly drug. Lys doesn't want to die—she just wants to be normal again—so she accepts Mr. Mason's invitation to his rehab camp.

It quickly becomes apparent that there is more to camp than meets the eye. Before Lys is able to discover its secrets, camp is attacked, her and five others are kidnapped and they figure out that they're not addicted to a drug. They're addicted to magic. And the guys who kidnapped them kill magic users.

But magic isn't all unicorns and castles, it's addictive. Each time she uses, Lys goes through a soaring high followed by an abysmal low. Mr. Mason asks for her help against the people who kidnapped her. They plugged the magic that is supposed to flow into the world, and he wants to set it free. To do this, Lys will have to tap further into her magic than she has before, and she's not sure she's willing to sacrifice her newly returned sanity for Mr. Mason, the boy she's falling for or anyone else.

NEW SIGHT, a young adult contemporary fantasy novel, is complete at 91,000 words.

Round 2 coming soon . . .


Antiquarian said...

errr Guild ridden? *blink* and I honestly wouldn't lead with the eyeball thing. Honestly that's a image that may turn someone off instantly and not even finish reading the blurb. Also, I think you give too much of the plot away.

Tohru said...

Me, I like it:) The eyeball thing would make me, a fantasy reader, instantly more curious. Of course, at chapter 15, I'm only to the 3rd paragraph. I think it's an excellent blurb for a publishing company sell, as it tells enough of the plot so they know what you want them to buy.