25 January 2011

Making Money

If only I had my years supply of, er, feminine hygiene products.

I know, seems random (and sorry to any boys out there who are mortified by the subject) but really, I could be making a boat load of money on e-bay.

Ladies, we all know that whatever your preferred product for feminine hygiene is, when the time comes to use it, it had better be around. Last month I went to the store in one of those lovely emergencies and found that this particular store was out of my preferred brand. I had to buy another kind and griped about it for the next four days. Between searching every pocket, pouch, purse and bag that I own for strays.

A week later I went to my normal store and found that they were out too. A week after that I found out that everyone was out! Apparently there was some sort of manufacturing interruption (whatever that means) and most of the stores in the US are out.

Well, lucky for me, the Walgreen's between my house and the freeway had three boxes left. I found them today and bough all of them. The funny things is—they were on sale! Little did they know that they could have charged twice as much and I would have paid it.

If I'd had my years supply (like I've been thinking of doing for the past year) then I could be selling boxes of OB tampons on e-bay for 3-4x the usual cost. Plus I could charge shipping.

Totally missed the boat on that one.

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