12 September 2010


I never was very good at juggling. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've done it right once! Not that I've ever put much effort into it. Not after a good friend of mine went on a date with a guy and ended up watching videos of him juggling at his house all day. Kinda turned me off the whole circus performer thing.

Oh, hey, there is another classic distraction of Jo moment. Back to juggling. I've got a lot of projects that I've decided to take on. The next few months are going to be a lot of juggling on my part. By the end I might be crazy, or I might be famous! (Famous because I went postal on someone at work probably.)

Anyway, I'll keep everyone posted on the juggling. Between my YA novel (which I actually started a re-do on the outline tonight for), a new childrens picture book, Nanowrimo, a joint story with a couple of other writers (more news on that later), looking for agents for the childrens story I already have, writing not one but two query letters, helping other people with their projects and a writing conference coming up, I think I'll be a little insane by the time December rolls around.


Antiquarian said...

Why is it everyone but me can get something written and likely published and I've been trying for 15 years. I'll curl back up in my hole now. *eats chocolate*

-Jo- said...

Bah, talking about it and actually getting published are two, totally different things! Chocolate is always good though.