11 September 2010

Losing My Way

Yesterday, at my private lesson for Kempo, Sensei asked me to do something with my right hand. I've got a double-wide finger on my right hand, you would think I would be able to remember which hand was which. It shouldn't be hard!

Uh, right. Lefty now thinks she is righty. Much like dogs think they are people. My left had is attempting to change it's identity to right hand. Is that like a gender change? Is there a surgery for it? I should probably check my phone for doctor's numbers that I don't remember dialing. What if my other brain side is about to take over and instead of writing and Kempo, I find myself liking pink, frilly dresses and *gasp* broccoli?

If anyone sees me eating broccoli, please capture me (watch out for lefty) and throw me in a closet for a week. Feed me chocolate and put lefty in a mitten. Thank you.

1 comment:

Antiquarian said...

I hate to break it to you Jo, but it's not your hand that's the problem. It's your brain. *nods like a Dr.* You see your brain is rewiring itself in an effort to fix your "problem".

Not sure chocolate would help, but I could hit you with a pillow a lot.