13 September 2010

I'm Special!

After four weeks of buddy-taping my right index finger to my right middle finger I finally got in to see the Hand Surgeon guy.

I must admit that I felt a little uncomfortable for a few minutes. This doctor doesn't just do hands. Apparently he'll tuck, pull or puff whatever one might need adjusted on their body. Sitting next to the rack about breast augmentation was a little much for me. Don't need that, thank you very much. So when they called me back I wasn't sure what to expect.

Thankfully the doctor was nice. I unwrapped my fingers and showed him my wrist. The frown should have been my first clue. Then he poked, prodded and squished my wrist, asking each time if my fingers were going numb. Nope, no tingle.

I told him my normal doctor said it was trigger finger. He then went on to explain what trigger finger was. Yes, yes, my doctor told me all that. Then he said he thought I had trigger finger in my wrist. Duh, wasn't that what I said? He shook his head and told me this was only the second time he'd seen it in 20 years. Wow, aren't I lucky? And special!

So four weeks with the double-wide . . . all for nothing. That doesn't make me happy. Neither did the talk of surgery. However, first there is a cortisone shot that is now filling in all the extra spaces in my wrist, and that may or may not fix the problem. Four weeks will tell. At least there is no more double-wide.


Lisa said...

Ouch! Hope for the best. Thanks for letting us know.

Tohru said...

Finger freedom! Congratulations?