15 September 2010

Scary Beyond All Reason

This afternoon . . . no wait, let me back up. Last week a friend of mine did a really good critique on my New Sight Chapter 1 Try 1,10019043. It feels like that, and I'm still in the early stages of novel writing.

Anyway, she did a great critique, and I decided to incorporate some of it into the revision. Then, being insane and apparently begging for more stress, I uploaded it to Dave Farland's writing group web site (of which I am a member of Group 013) to see if anyone would critique it for me. I just checked. So far 2 people have downloaded it, but no one has left any comments. I'm scared.

I'm not so attached to the story or the writing that I would really mind changing it (although I'd be annoyed), it's more the fact that I just threw my writing out there for perfect strangers to rip apart. The last time I did that was at boot camp in April, and that time I was firmly reminded that I sucked. Ack!


Lace and Books said...

I'm getting to it Jo I really am. *sigh* Along with the my own writing, a Halloween costume, a wedding dress, pictures sent to G-Grandma in Japan who is dieing . . . I did get the mattress pad cover made yesterday.

Oh never mind, I'm getting to it. I promise. *wink*

-Jo- said...

No worries. I understand swamped.