31 August 2010

Ninja Wannabe Down, but Not Out!

I just love conditioning drills. This is a picture of my shin . . . almost 2 weeks after one of our awesome black belts kicked me for a drill we were doing.

No, her shins didn't look nearly as bad as mine, even though I got to kick her too.

Bruising like a pear is certainly less effective in the Kempo world.

On the writing hand, I'm about to have a panic attack. More on that later.


darling stitch said...

I see a curled up fox... or a coiled up cartoon snake ready to pounce! Is it wrong to see images in friends bruises like a Rorschach or cloud?

Jared Quan said...

I am most curious as to what kind of tattoo you got while you were in China, and bravo for hiding the removal process with a blog about it after effect as a bruise. :)

-Jo- said...

Yes, it is wrong to mock my pain.

Antiquarian said...

If I see Jesus or Mary in it can I sell you on ebay...Just wondering *wink*