01 September 2010

Beware the Groove!

“His groove! The rhythm in which he lives his life. His pattern of behavior. “ -The Emperor's New Groove

My groove is off! Lefty and the double wide have thrown off my drawing groove at work, which in turn has left me both slow and crabby. Yes, I realize that I am often slow and crabby, but this is worse . . . so much worse. Oh so much worse that I'm considering something drastic. Unfortunately, nothing appropriately shocking comes to mind (groove is off after all), so I'll just leave it at that.

I mentioned a panic attack yesterday. Well, here's what I've done to myself this time. Nanowrimo is in November, and the first week of November I've got a writing camp to go to. That's about 8 weeks away. Between now and then I want to complete round 2 of my YA novel. You know, the one I just finished round 1 on at the beginning of August. Also I need a cast of characters and a plot for my Nanowrimo novel. Oh, and I just joined an on-line writing group through Dave Farland's Daily Kicks.

What was I thinking!?! Just to get the YA novel finished I will have to blow through 4 or 5 chapters a week. They're not super long chapters, but that's still a lot. I'm freaking out here!!!

All this and my groove is thrown off. You try typing 70 words a minute with two of your fingers taped together.

Happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.


Antiquarian said...

Alter your goals Jo. Even in the realm of published author's deadlines get moved around. Just this year Carol Berg - AMAZING AUTHORESS - made April have 39 days in it so she could get her vision done "by the end of April" as was wanted by the editor. *wink*

SO move the revisions deadline to the end of the year. Heck I'll even play the part of your editor and say "the printers are on strike you can take a month or more on that novel"

No need to stress - writing shouldn't be stress. And if you want some ideas for characters and such I have lots that will never get used.

Jared Quan said...

I had come across the Nanowrimo a couple of years ago, I was too chicken to participate, plus had a lot on my plate already. I'd mentioned it to Jared, But he was working on his novel already. Thanks to your mention I talked him into it this year, we're both going to try it. I'll probably fail miserably and he'll succeed. But it should be interesting. Thanks JO!
PS: obviously this is Lisa and NOT Jared (grumble).

-Jo- said...

You married people and switching personalities . . . creeps me out.

Thanks Antiquarian, altering time sounds like a great idea! I'm on it.

Grow Family said...

You can do it Jo! I was about to sign-up for one of the writing groups but I knew I wouldn't have the time so I didn't.