30 August 2010

Express Lane

-a grocery store checkout for consumers buying only a few items.

Got that. I was in it. I had less than the allotted 15 items. There were only a few people in front of me, and they all had less than 15 items. The other lines had people with an entire cart full of stuff. So why did those lines move faster than the express lane?

I've already determined that it wasn't the patrons. This has to be considered, because sometimes people are stupid. Or they at least feign stupidity, which I believe is an act so relied upon that it has become an integral part of their psyche. There I go again on the digression.

No, the problem wasn't the patrons . . . it was the checker.

Logically, one would think that the Express Lane would be quick. Less items means less time checking out which means the entire process would be faster than the other lanes. This conclusion, however, is rendered useless when the checker is slow. And not just slow, I mean sssssllllllloooooowwwww . . .

Me drawing in CAD with lefty is faster than this checker was. Is. Whatever. It took me forever to get through the line. And when I finally got there the checker ran out of bags to put groceries in. REALLY?


Jared and Lisa said...

This is a very typical situation to be in. When I started working at my store, I wondered why certain things worked the way they did. I discovered that the people who were not so great at checking out were assigned to the express, because well it is easier. Thus our all star pro was assigned to the registers next to the express, and would take care of customers super fast. This is of course for two reasons, one, you don't want slow cashiers holding up regular lines, and two take care of those spending the money... :)

-Jo- said...

You're not helping . . . I'm raging here!

Antiquarian said...

I would add that yes, people had less than 15, but when you have 4 people in line you have 60 items...then there is the proses of paying for 60 items 15 at a time. As opposed to say 70 something items and one card swipe. I only express lane if it's self check-out.

So Jo, you may be in the "fast lane", but with more "cars" it may not be the best. I would like to say that many times I'm in line with a cart full and I see someone with one or two items and I offer to let them go before me.

Karma is worth stocking up on.