17 August 2010

A Few Parting Pictures

I'm back home-reality and all that. Yuck!

Here are a few last pictures from Celebration V. I already miss the geekdome.
Darth Maul talking to his wife. "Sure hon, I can get some eggs on the way home."
Found Lando!
No words for that last guy . . .

Oh, and I should mention that the Orlando Airport spawns idiots. Every other person in the security line either didn't take off their grommet studded belts or their shoes. What part of "Everyone take their shoes off and put them in a container" is unclear? And what part of metal detector is confusing?

There, I feel better.


Jared Quan said...

Did you get to see the missing scenes from 'Return of the Jedi'? It is of course all over the internet. Next time you go, can you take larger luggage, maybe something that can hold a 320 lb person.... :)

-Jo- said...

We had luggage that could hold that much, but it was filled with armor.