13 August 2010

Epic Battle

This afternoon I finally put on my Visas Marr costume. One other guy put on his costume, which was a Shadow Guard from The Force Unleashed Video Game, as well. Our picture is above.

I won't lie, his costume was WAY more popular than mine. We couldn't go more than five steps without someone asking him to stop and take a picture. I got in the first hundred or so before I realized they might not want me in there too. Pshaw, fine . . . whatever.

At one point we had Mace Windu, Kit Fisto and one other Jedi that I couldn't see very well (blasted veil . . .I can't see a thing in this helmet!) come up to us and ask if we would fight. Duh of course! We took a few pictures and I had to complain that we were outnumbered. Then Boba Fett came up behind Mace (who thought for sure he was winning) and put a rifle to his head. Awesome! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera at the time—plus I was trying not to be skewered by Kit Fisto. I gave my e-mail to Mace, but I'm not sure I'll ever get pictures.


Jared Quan said...

Super cool, and yes I am very jealous. I love the costume, and had I the opportunity I would ask for your picture... By the way have you seen the new Knights of the old Republic video game trailer?


Antiquarian said...

They cloned Elvis?!?!?!?! Who knew.