21 March 2016

The Power of Secret Socks

I have this friend. We're the kind of friends who've known one another for forever, but don't hang out much and yet we still feel obligated to get gifts for each other for Christmas. A few years ago, this friend bought me a set of DC super hero socks.

I opened them up and fell in love immediately.

I mean really, look at them. Who can resist wearing a tiny Robin uniform on their feet all day? Or Wonder Woman?

This friend of mine has started an obsession that may never be satisfied. Well, at least not as long as they keep making awesome socks of geeky things that I like so much.

I'm sure you're dying to find out why this is. What compels me to continue to buy fun socks?

Well, here's the thing. Picture the first day of your work week. You drag your sorry corpse out of bed and to the shower only because your muscles remember how to do it without you having to think. You didn't get to laundry, so the options of what to wear are limited to the same thing you wore Friday, or those stupid pants that pinch in all the wrong areas and the blouse that your not so favorite sister bought you for your birthday three years ago that still has the tag on it.

You look around for shoes, and the thought of wearing heels makes you want to weep and then die, not to mention fall over. You spy your boots and figure they'll work. Close enough. Not like anyone is going to notice. Everyone is going to be grumbling about the meetings anyway, so---bah, you had forgotten about the meeting.

Time for drastic action. You need to be sharp. You need to be awesome. You need some empowering and you need it quick.

What do you do?

Pull out the sock drawer and dive for the Wonder Woman socks. Slip those on and you'll feel like a new woman. Each time someone or something tries to bring you down, think of your socks, and smile that knowing smile that always shoots paranoia through your co-worker's hearts.

You've got this. No problem.

There are plenty of possibilities.

Need a ridiculous amount of self confidence? Slip on Naruto.

Behind on a big project? The Flash is your guy.

Going to need magic to get out of the jam you're in? Griffindor to the rescue.

Sure you'll need to go back in time at least once in the day? The Doctor is at your service.

Thinking you might have to rip someone's arm out of their sockets? Chewie is always willing to help.

You see, no need for despair. Just slip on your secret socks and go forth!

How do you cope?

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