10 August 2015

Something New

I'm always trying to do new things. I like new experiences because they broaden my mind. They give me a new perspective. They help me grow and learn.

Here is a small list of new and exciting experiences I've had in my life:
Did a clogging solo in front of like a thousand people when I was six
Tried out for the lead saxophone in the jazz band in high school.
Asked a boy I really liked to a dance.
Passed a black belt test for Shaolin Kempo
Went bungee jumping in New Zealand
Did the MS bike ride
Traveled to Israel
Wrote a novel
Learned how to get out of duct tape and zip ties
Drove down the sidewalk in my car for half a block
Volunteered to help with an art show
Star Wars speed dating
Saw the Dalai Lama speak
Hiked to Druid Arch
Learned to crochet

Most of these things I did  simply to try them.

Now, as I have just turned 40, I find myself attempting something that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would try.

It makes me shake my head every time I think about it.

You see, I have this writing buddy who has wanted to do a collaborative book since we both started writing seriously four years ago. I've always talked her out of it, because we have totally different styles, and we write for totally different audiences.

But a few months ago we were at a writing retreat (which consists of the two of us sitting in a condo for a weekend only speaking to one another in passing and typing for hours on end) and she brought it up again.

I was weak. It was way past my bedtime, and she pulled out this notebook and starts to jabber about how much fun it would be to try.

Pretty sure I was coming off a sugar high as well. So just to be funny, I started to help her outline a story...three hours later, we had a novel.

How did that happen?

So, my friends, in a few months time, you may hear that I have a new book out that is neither fantasy or science fiction. It's not even YA.

It will be a clean, romantic comedy. My solace is that I can be pretty dang funny when I want to be.

If anyone has a good pen name, now is the time to fire it over to me.

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darling stitch said...

Here is my take on it (whatever it's worth) French :
Lapin (Bunny)
Nez (Nose)
Lapinnez , Lapinez
Jan Lapinez
Jo Lapinez
Ann Lapinez
My favorite being the last, Ann Lapinez