22 May 2015

Shiny Objects

By the lack of updates on this blog, you can probably guess that I've been a bit distracted lately.

Many things distract me. Things like, shiny objects, Oreo cookies, sleep, my day job, Netflix, the internet, puppies, candy, shiny objects, shoes. Shiny shoes.

You see, there are so many lovely things in the world.

 Well, the past month or two I've really been pouring on the steam so that I could release my own shiny object out into the world.

It didn't come without blood, sweat and tears. I've rewritten this novel four times. All for the better. My cover artist had some personal issues come up and couldn't finish the cover art, so 4 weeks ago today I was desperately trolling the web and asking other authors to find a new cover artist. My day job decided that they can't live without me and asked me to work more hours. There was probably a paper cut in there somewhere (thus the blood). And let me tell you, without my adorkable husband to help me figure out formatting for e-books and Createspace, this may not have ever happened.

But it did! And now I have a shiny, new book to show for all of my efforts.

This is the third book I've published, and my first Indie adventure. This story showcases just a snippet of the countless hours I've spent in a dojo, which was really great. As a matter of fact, if anyone from any of my Kempo classes reads this, you just might recognize a drill or two. Maybe Sensei's twisted sense of humor. Or that could be mine.

Letting things go isn't always easy-there is always something that could be improved-but why beat a dead horse? It just smells bad and goes squish.

So to avoid any more squishing, here it is!

Fractured Memories
Sixteen year old Wendy never knew the world before the Starvation. She’s learned to put her trust in her knives, and her confidence in her fighting ability. When the Skinnies attack her compound, she's the lone survivor.

Injured and near death, Wendy is rescued and nursed back to health by mysterious strangers. Her saviors offer her a place among them, but trust has never been one of Wendy's strengths, and suspicion soon leads to evidence that these people might be the group who killed her family.

The decision to get her revenge, and take the settlement down from the inside out is easy. Keeping her distance from those she must befriend in order to make it happen proves to be much more difficult.

There will be blog tours and maybe a party or something. But that'll be later. For now, I have a book up on Amazon. Nook to come.

One great snippet, the first e-book I sold was in the UK. Now that's cool!

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