11 May 2015

Just a Quick Google-Seriously

Getting married is all about sharing. My least favorite (well, besides the fact that boys are stinky) thing that I now get to share with my husband is his student loans. We've been busting our check books and getting them paid off really fast. Which has been great.

We were ready to pay one off, but had to go to the U of U to make the final payment. I thought back to my college days, and remembered the weekly mad dash to get off campus every Friday. What better time to wander up there?

So my hubby and I decided to meet for lunch and then go to the financial office last Friday. We even met at 12:30 so we could avoid the lunch rush.

What I didn't realize, what I never would have thought about, is the fact that last Friday was graduation day.


We get to campus and there are people everywhere. There are signs saying to park at the stadium and take the shuttle over to the ceremonies.

Naturally, the building we a want is right in the middle of all of the ceremonies.

There were no parking spots to be had.

And let's not forget that people get stupid in groups, and they get high on the scent of cheap flowers, the sway of tassels and the itchy fabric of creased graduation robes.

What should have taken us 15 minutes, ended up taking us a good hour.

Did I forget to mention the ominous clouds circling campus? It started to rain just as soon as we found a parking spot. Go us.

Luckily, my hubby is persistent (aka, he hates losing, even if it is to a plan to pay a school) and we made it to the financial office building place with only wet clothes to show for our efforts. We were two of four people in the entire place, and it took us less than five minutes to get the deed done.

At that point, we rushed back off campus and found a place to eat. The crazed graduation crowd was right behind us, but we beat them to Red Robin and sneered as they waited.

Yes, it worked out. The morale of the story is-there's always time to do a quick Google search. It could save you time and frustration. And maybe your life. Or someone else's life if you're the type to get enraged about mobs of insane people.

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