22 April 2014

The Time has Come

I’ve been rambling about this book launch for three weeks. What’s left that hasn’t been said?


Pretty sure I’ve already said that. Ah well.

I thought I would toss this up for anyone who hasn’t heard about it, or who is going to be in the Layton, Utah area on Friday, April 25th.

Jo Ann Schneider


Jolly Fish Press

Are excited to announce the release of Jo’s book

New Sight

In order to properly introduce New Sight into the big, bad world of readers, there will be a launch party of epic proportions.

When: Friday, April 25th 6:00pm-800pm

Where: Barnes and Noble in Layton, Utah
1780 North 1000 West

There will be giveaways. Jo will entertain you with her melodious voice at 7:15pm. Thankfully this will be reading from the book, not singing. Then she will sign your book. And you will be able to say that you were there when it all began.

Please join us!

Come and hang out. Win a prize. Get a book signed. Heck, just hang at Barnes and Nobel for a few hours. It’s an excuse to get your reader on!

I should thank everyone who has read any version of New Sight, has given me feedback, who made me cry with their harsh reviews and has encouraged me to follow my dream. I wouldn’t be here without you.

This also means you’re obligated to come to the party. J

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