28 April 2014

Just for Fun

Here are a couple of pictures from my book launch party at Barnes and Noble last Friday!

I feel so loved and blessed by the people who came out to support me. It was great to see old friends, new friends and total strangers who stopped by and either chatted or bought a book.

We had a little contest, and I wanted to share some of the comments:

This was the contest:
If you could pick one sense that you would NOT want enhanced, which one would it be?
(I drew random names out for the winners.)

The overwhelming winner of the five senses was, can you guess?

Here are some of the comments:
I am already sensitive to smell and for it to get stronger would be unpleasant!
I would not want to smell anything more than we already do. Example: Poop
Smell…cause I have a cat and dog who stink!
Because it’s connected straight to the brain (memory) and if someone stank I would remember then like that forever.
In this world, especially as a mom, I would vomit all day!
I don’t need to be able to smell myself even more after working out.
I wouldn’t want smell to be enhanced because some smells are very, very, very bad.
Because my wife is pregnant and farts a lot! (This guy is in a LOT of trouble)
Can you imagine all that awful cologne at an even higher volume of toxic levels?
Farts are smelly enough without enhancing smell to smell them better with.

I think it would be so annyoning to feel EVERYTHING all the time.
Because more stuff would hurt.
Because I would have to feel gross or sticky things and even be more grossed out about it.

I like my food the way it is!

“Kids screaming” need I say more?
Because it would hurt my ears.
Too many things to filter out. Dare Devil has to sleep in a sensory deprivation tank.
5th graders already make enough random noise. Really!

There was one for sight, but she put down why she would like having a better sense of sight:
Because I could see far away places. I could see the planets and exotic places. I could spy on my children!

So let’s hear it people!

What sense would you rather NOT have enhanced and why.

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