11 October 2012

The Rambling Syndrome

Yes, yes, I realize that I do in fact ramble quite a bit, but that is not what this post is about. And I may even refrain from any actual rambling, but promise nothing.

Right now I am busting out what will end up being a 90,000 word rough draft in two months.

Yes, I can write that fast. The end product should never be seen by anyone outside of me in my PJ's on a Saturday morning, but at the end of it I have a rough draft that I can then mold into the greatest story ever told!

Oh, sorry, sometimes I have delusions of grandeur. Just trying to stay positive, sheesh.

But really, this is my writing process. I wish it was otherwise. Were otherwise? I can never remember which it's supposed to be. Sorry, off topic.

I've been in denial about this process for a while. Outlines are usually my BFF's, but not for a novel. I have done a seven point plot system, the fifteen beats, planning out scenes, given my characters extensive backgrounds and even went so far as to try to create motivation for each scene before I start writing the book.

About ¼ of it ends up in the final story. Heck, only about ½ of it ends up in the rough draft.

You see, I'm easily distracted. (Shocking, I know.) I find some part of the story that I hadn't considered before and I delve into it. I can ramble on about some sub-plot that I discovered for thousands and thousands of words. Sometimes I have to stop myself and type this:

Blah, blah, blah, hook this into the main story before the kids get on the ship. Now, where was I?

Rough drafts are not only rough in the plot and prose areas, they are rough on me! I like things to be orderly and neat. A rough draft is neither of those things, nor is it always the story I want to tell. Sometimes I have to spit out the terrible rough draft, hitting on all of the dumb points of the story (kind of like the last three Star Wars films) before I figure out what the good parts really are.

I kind of hate it. But it's the only thing that works for me. So I shall be frantically typing over the next month to vomit the last 45,000 words onto my computer.

Then the real fun begins.

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