07 February 2012


I envy people who can have fun wherever they are, with whoever they're with and whatever they're doing. I also envy anyone who never got as far out of shape as I have. Never again in my life will I think that doing fifty push-ups is fun. Even if I can at some point do them.

Wait, I never could do push-ups.

Back to my point. Parts of life are meant to be fun. The other day I helped out with the kids class at my dojo (ages 4 to 9). We had them running, kicking, punching, crawling, crab walking, hopping and jumping . . . they loved it. Most of them giggled and laughed the entire time. Even when they were supposed to be quiet—which is totally normal.

Two hours later we had the adults class, and for a brief moment I thought about having them do the same drill. Then I remembered that adults forget to have fun. To them (me) it looks more like work than a good time.

I think as a writer (my hobby/passion) I sometimes forget that creating a story is fun. Not should be . . . it is fun. Following characters around as you get to know them. Taking them on crazy adventures that most of the time land them in a situation you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy and then figuring out how they get out of it is fun!



Once I'm in the trenches of getting feedback, editing and rejection it's not so fun anymore. The beginning is fun. Holding that finished, printed manuscript in my hand—stroking it lovingly and glaring at anyone who looks like they might say anything against it—is fun.

That middle part isn't always a good time.

So keep it fresh. Have some fun. If I'm grouchy about editing or whatever, I'll take a scene I really love and write it again. It's amazing what little things my overly active subconscious will slip in there. Not always good, but amazing. There's a difference.

If you're bored, do a crab walk to the bathroom. You'll laugh, and I'm sure your family will get a kick out of it. If you're stuck in your writing, make it fun for a few minutes. Find your groove and stick to it!


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Charlie Holmberg said...

Good point, and nice post!

Melissa Lemon said...

Great reminder. I totally agree, writing is fun! Rejection is not.

-Jo- said...

It won't load for me, Robin! So mean . . .