05 February 2012

Babes in Spyland

Hey all,
I've got a series coming out this week on Big World Network.
Babes in Spyland: The Truth Hurts

Evil masterminds beware, the Super Secret Agency is coming for you!

I'm pretty excited about this, because the entire point of the story is to make people laugh. As a writer I want people to feel that the time they spend reading (or in this case you could listen as well)my stuff is worth it because it's entertaining.

If you don't at least chuckle while reading any episode of this story I will throw myself on my laptop in shame.

No fair keeping a straight face on purpose. Feel free to roll your eyes though, I'm good with that. :)

The first of twelve episodes comes out on Monday. Brighten your day by downloading either the free text or the audio file from

Happy reading!


Antiquarian said...

*POUT* I can't download the audio version...I really wanted to listen to it. *sigh* guess I'll read it.

Antiquarian said...

NEVER MIND. I can listen, but not download...I'm cool with that.

Your "mud" and the Queen of Pain from Sunshine.