23 October 2011

Halloween anyone?

October and November are my favorite months of the year. I love fall, the crisp weather changing from summer to winter, colorful leafs, pumpkin Concretes from Neilson's or shakes from Arsenic Circle, Halloween, Thanksgiving and everything that goes with the time of year.

Sure, Christmas is cool, but it gets so stressful! My family is pretty dull (a fact for which I am eternally grateful) so Thanksgiving is always nice, enjoyable and full of great food and sometimes a long game of Star Wars Monopoly, which is sometimes the only drama of the day.

It all starts when I crunch the first fallen leaf off a tree between the bottom of my shoe and the sidewalk. There is something so satisfying about that . . . I can't even explain it. Like eating your favorite kind of potato chip. Crunch, crunch. Yay! A week later they're everywhere, and it's on.

Halloween is first, and this year I decided I wanted to fulfill a dream I've had for forever. I wanted to go to the Thriller dance concert that the Odyssey dance people put on.

Really, I've wanted to go for years. So a few weeks ago I heard about it on the radio, talked a couple of friends into coming with me (I thing the words gory dance theater may have done it) and got us tickets. And I have to say that it didn't disappoint.

There were zombies trolling the stairs coming into the theater. More of them crawled through the aisles as people moved to their seats. I heard plenty of teenage girls screaming at the top of their lungs (which makes me so happy). They did a great Thriller zombie number, an amazing Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein routine (which I'd have to say the Bride was fantastic!), a glow-in-the-dark skeleton tap dance, a River Dance spoof where someone started shooting all of the dancers like in a carnival game, a Chucky routine, three Jasons—which were both hilarious and scary, a nightmare, a mummy dance and a bunch more. There were even a few short films. The Nightmare Before Christmas one I really liked.

So yes, it was awesome. And yes, I will go again next year! Tradition time.

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Antiquarian said...

Okay, the Riverdance thing sounds fun. I heard there was a "Lost Boys" thing too...LOVE IT.

*sigh* Ya this is the Best time of year.