17 September 2011

Worse than I Thought

This is Druid Arch. (Hello, Druid Arch) I found it on-line during a Google search for mystic places of power. Or something like that. I can't remember because it's been well over a year ago. Don't even bother asking me what I had for breakfast because I can't remember that either.

I needed an obscure bit of the world to set the climax of my novel in. So I made it an outlet for magic and used it. Pretty cool, huh?

So I figure that I should go there. I mean, I live in Utah, for crying out loud, and it's not that far away. I was supposed to go this spring, but that never happened. I spent too much time revising my novel like eight times and never got around to getting into shape.

Did I mention that Druid Arch is in the middle of Canyonlands National Park?

Uh, yeah. And it's not like some of the other places where you can drive to within a mile or two and walk a trail to it. Oh no. Don't be daft. I had to pick the arch that lays at the end of a trail that's just over five miles long. One way. Something like 10.9 miles round trip.

Okay, for a whole heap of the world an eleven mile walk is nothing. Sure, whatever, bring it on. Just let me go get a water bottle first. Heck, I could probably make it, but the point of a hike is to enjoy the scenery and to have a good time. Well, that's the point of my hikes. And if I'm sucking wind and having to drag my sorry butt along the bottom of the canyon I am not having a good time.

In preparation for this hike, which is coming up in six-ish weeks, I decided I would do some good walking. Last week I did four walks at forty minutes each. This week I did two walks at forty minutes each . . . plus today. Today I wandered up onto the hill in Bountiful and did 4.6 miles in an hour and a half. Yes, I'm slow. My hiking is even slower, if you want to know the truth. But the cold, hard truth is that my legs started to protest by mile 3.5, and they never stopped complaining after that.

I finished my walk and came home. I stretched, ate and then went off the Kempo class.

Sensei. How does he always know? He decided that today would be a great day to lay down on the ground, jump up, do some jumping jacks and get back down on the ground.

Oh boy, was that fun.

Now my legs really hurt. I hate the first part of trying to get into shape. Even if the shape I want isn't perfect, but simply one that is about twenty pounds lighter than the one I have now. The first few weeks of exercising is the worst. I'll probably have to whine and complain about it a lot.



Antiquarian said...

I highly recommend getting a couple of trekking poles. They are kind of like ski poles, but they really do help with long hikes.

Also DON'T buy new shoes...your feet will hate you for it.

Have fun!

Jordan said...

I recommend getting a jet pack, or roller blades with off-road wheels. Maybe one of those hover boards Marty Mcfly uses in Back to the Future 2 and 3. Those things kick butt! (Just don't get caught over a large body of water... you need power to deal with that kind of situation).

My first thought at the beginning of this blog was, hey, I'd like to go there. But I'm not really into inviting myself to other's parties...

-Jo- said...

Good call on the shoes. I already bought them and have been walking in them.

I'd use the roller blades, but I can't turn right. That could cause a problem.

And anyone who wants to come is invited. So far the hike is a party of one--me. Maybe I'll borrow someone's dog.

Antiquarian said...

Umm you know there is scaling cliff walls and a latter involved on this 10 mile hike? Just making sure.