14 September 2011

A Most Dastardly Design

We have a lot of glass hanging out at work. Pretty glass mostly, although what some customers claim is their dream come true in glass would more likely be the piece that I would send off to the DI (second hand) store. To each his or her own, right?

Because of said glass, and all of the “delicate” (although how you can call solid steel delicate is kind of a mystery to me) light fixtures that we make, we have an abundance of packaging materials in the back. The expanding foam is one of my favorites. Wrap light in plastic, put in box, fill box half-way with liquid foam and wait until it expands. Very fun.

Another item we have an abundance of is bubble wrap.

Oh yes, bubble wrap.

Just imagine, taking it in your hands, the plastic, air-filled bubbles caving under your fingers as you search for just the right spot to start. Once you've selected your first victim, place thumb and forefinger on opposite sides of the bubble and then . . . pop!

Or, if it has been a bad day, take the ends of a bit of bubble wrap in each hand and twist. Pop, pop, popopopopopopopopop! Quite refreshing. Ahhh. I feel better just thinking about it.

And yes, there are those great bubble wrap popping games on the web. It's not the same, but it will do in a pinch.

Now, take a look at the photo above. Glance carefully at the bubbles and you will see that they are not individually sealed. No, no, the air travels freely between the pockets.

We received a piece of glass wrapped in this stuff today. One of my co-workers pulled it off, and as he studied the glass I snatched the packaging. What can I say, I go for what I want. :)

Unfortunately, my anticipation of the loud POP (big bubbles here) deflated like a whoopee cushion without the noise as I squished my fingers together and the air simply slipped from my bubble into the three or four or five or six surrounding it.

Naturally I tried again, thinking I'd just got a previously popped bubble. No luck. I finally looked closer and found those irritating little bridges between the pockets.

Who thought that up? Do they have any idea how many people's day they just ruined?

I supposed I could support it if it had been an evil plan from the beginning, but I would have appreciated a warning e-mail. Show some courtesy people!

So harsh, so unfulfilled. I'm going to have to find some of the real stuff tomorrow.


Anthony Dutson said...

Holy crap, that's inhumane! I'm with you. That's totally depressing. I hope I don't get anything wrapped in that for Christmas.

Antiquarian said...

I've had defective bubble wrap like that. Try isolating a few - like twisting it a few times and you might get a couple of good pops, but ya...wrong just plain old wrong.

On another note I'm reminded of a cement filled bubble wrap piece of art that was at the museum I used to work for. Perhaps you could squirt some expando foam into the offending wrap and watch it explode.