26 September 2011

Fluffy Goodness

I never thought about all the good things a dryer does. I never considered what it would be like to hang towels to dry instead of having them roll over and over themselves while being gently caressed by warm air. I never thought I'd go over two years without a dryer.

Here's the thing. When my roommate and I moved the last time we were bequeathed a washer/dryer set from her sister. Free stuff is so great. Except for when the dryer runs on gas and we only have an electrical hook up. Curse you cruel world!

So it sat in our garage, collecting dust and random leafs that blew in, for over two years. I thought about putting it on KSL, but never did. It wasn't really mine, so I kind of ignored it and buried it under the camping stuff. Good shelf.

On Labor Day my roommate finally decided that it was time to get a new dryer. She actually gave hers away to someone a few weeks before. Great. Sure. Let's go.

The guy at Lowes seemed like he was on top of it, but he sold us a model they didn't have in stock. When they tried to deliver it they kept calling someone else. They brought the wrong type of plug and didn't have the flexible vent tube. Rough day.

Lucky for me, my dad is very handy. So I called him and in less than an hour (and just one trip to Lowes) we had it installed and running. Yay!

Tonight I did, for the first time since 2009, two loads of laundry—washed, dried and put away. Not only that, but our towels no longer feel like crunchy paper, but like soft, inviting blankets that make you want to curl up and take a nap. Okay, almost everything does that to me.

Here, here to the new dryer! And yay for soft towels!

No, I'm totally not avoiding writing. Would I do that?


Tohru said...

Yea! Congratulations on returning to the warm fluffy world of electric dryers!

Antiquarian said...

Fryer fresh is a happy thing.

Antiquarian said...

er that's dryer fresh *roll eyes*

-Jo- said...

Mmmm . . . fryer fresh. I'm thinking chicken wings here.