04 June 2011

Woe is Me!

Our wireless internet is down. Again.

I Google a lot when I write. I check me e-mail every ten minutes. (You know, just in case someone decided that they want to leave me a million dollars because they're moving to Iceland to become a fish whisperer and they can't take any money with them.) And I blog.

That would be why I haven't blogged all week. I'm beginning to suspect (wait, can you begin to suspect, or should you just go straight to the suspecting bit?) that my lap top is the problem child. It had a hard time connecting at the hotel last weekend, and I remember last year it took about ten seconds.

My heart secretly wants to get a new one. Please don't tell my existing laptop, he'd be jealous and angry. I've been eying the small ones. Mine is a 15" screen. I like the bigness, but I also envy the portability and long battery life of the little notebooks.

Don't go all crazy thinking I should get an IPad or whatever. My cell phone is over 5 years old. That sentence should convey the depth with which I (don't) worship technology. I should probably care more, but I don't. Once in a while I think, "Hey, I should find a boyfriend so I don't have to deal with car repairs and so he'll pick out all of my technology for me." Then I spend fifteen seconds thinking about all the single guys I know, shrug and go to get a snack.

Where is this going? I dunno. My excuse for not blogging for the past week, I guess.

I'll toss in a novel update. I've got one week to finish up my latest revisions to it. The plan is to have it ready before that. I may or may not take a hard copy on vacation with me. Frankly I'd rather read Hard Magic and I Don't Want to Kill You instead, so that's probably what will happen.

When I get back, the wonderful fun of querying for agents will begin. The "real fun." Until then, revise, revise and revise!

Oh, on a ninja note . . . we did so many reverse crescent kicks today in class that my hip went numb AND hurt at the same time. Crazy, crazy and ouch.

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