29 May 2011

CONduit Day 2

CONduit, Day 2

The best bit of advice I heard today was this:

Be yourself

The guest of honor at CONduit this year was Carole Nelson Douglas. She's written a boat load of books, most mystery, but she's been delving into different genres for the past few years. Her message basically said to be yourself but to always be ready to reinvent yourself as a writer. The business is changing, and new writers need to be flexible and talented. She was hilarious. I might have to go get one of her books.

The accomplishment of the day was this:

Book blurbs for my novel. Check this out . . .

This one is okay:
These are your choices, a psychotic desire to rip people's eyes from their sockets or a dangerous addiction to magic . . . which do you choose?

A guy from my writing group came up with this one:
If you haven't ever tasted eyes, you should . . . they're yummy.
(No, it's not a zombie story, but this one does make me laugh)

Or my personal favorite:
Craving water on a hot day—normal.
Wanting to rip people's eyes out of their sockets—psychotic.
Finding out you're addicted to magic—life altering.
Lysandra Blake's life is about to change forever.

So, there you go.

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Lisa Q said...

I like the latter as well.