22 May 2011

Shaolin Summit

Yesterday I got to go to a very cool seminar. The Shaolin Monks from China came to celebrate the organization of the Shaolin Association of something or other. Sorry, all of the amazing chi and awesomeness of the monks made me forget the non-important tidbits of the afternoon.

I've seen the monks three or four times before this, but their skills never cease to amaze me. The demonstrations were amazing. There were two panels. One of them was about being western and being Buddhist and the other was a panel of the Abbot of the Shaolin Temple and five monks.

Here are a few highlights from the panels. What I found interesting.

-Create value in whatever situation you are in right now
-Fully respect your opponent—you need them!
-People want to “see” Most want to find truth in their lives
-Breathing is the best medicine
-When you want to do something, go over it in your head first. Imagine yourself doing it
-In your imagination, anything is possible
-3 minutes of meditation a day will help you
-Your own attitudes and fears are drawn to you (If you're full of anger, angry people seek you out)
-Doing a good yawn and stretch in the morning (breathe and stretch) 10x will improve your health
-Put down your burdens
-Be happy
-Be passionate

The poor translators were having a hard time translating not only Chinese into English, but Eastern philosophy into Western philosophy. I felt bad for them.

I've got a good story about a monk that sat two rows in front of me, but I'll save that for the next post. If I remember.

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