18 May 2011

Doing My Best to Connect to the Readers

I got this e-mail from a friend this morning. It made me laugh. The laugh morphed into an evil chuckle, and I even steepled my fingers and did the Mr. Burns "Excellent" thing.

I do my best to make my story memorable!

Ok, so I just want you to know that I am blaming you (I can blame you because no one has to be accountable for their own actions any more). Yesterday I was absolutely furious with a couple of these IDIOTS I work with and I just had visions flash through my mind about walking into this one girls cubbie & just scratching her eyes out. Since I've never had that thought before I read your book then I feel it only appropriate for laying blame on you for my vial & violent thoughts.

I never knew I could create vial thoughts. Is this a "talent" I didn't know about? Ooh. I'll need to explore that immediately.

So would this be a good review, or a bad one?


Antiquarian said...

It's a good review! (I'm not the email sender FYI people)

A book with that much influence can counter act all the sparkly vampire daze. Girls will once again Kiss A$$ instead of being zombie girl-friends to their undead stalkers.

Melissa Lemon said...

It's a good review. She probably felt better after thinking about doing that.