18 April 2011

No Peeking

Last year I finally gave in and read The Hunger Games. Okay, I listened to it on CD, which is one reason I liked it, because the reader is fabulous.

About three months ago I put Catching Fire (Book 2) on hold at the library. This one also on CD. Last week I finally got the notice that it was my turn to listen to Catching Fire. Yay!

Well, first off I have to say that I'm a bit of a cheater. I usually read the first chapter of the book and then the last page. If that doesn't tell me about who is still alive and who isn't, I'll wander the back of the book until I find out.

Don't hate me. I don't mind spoilers. Really, it makes every moment the doomed character has in the book that much more emotional. Will the two friends come to terms with their differences before one of them croaks? Does the guy know that the girl who loves him will die for him? Is he stupid enough to say that to her right before she leaves? Dumb boy!!!

You see, it doesn't make me a bad person. Really. It makes me a more caring person.

Although I did get quite a start when I read the last page of Alchatraz Vs. the Evil Librarians. Trust me.

So I know that scores of people die at the end of this series. And I'm very concerned that Peta will end up miserable because Katnis (however you spell her name—remember, it's on CD) is retarded. I don't care who he ends up with, as long as he's happy and not pinning over stupid girl. All the better if she pulls her head out long before then. Oh, and I know he doesn't die. I think.

None of this information is available to me with my current set up. CD case is useless. I can't just toss the last CD in—it wouldn't be right. So I have to do it the old fashioned way. Wait.

Okay, so I'm waiting; being patient. I go to put CD 3 in this morning and it FREAKS OUT!!! Skipping, jumping, chattering and in general not playing.

What the . . .

Sad to say that I messed with it every time I was in the car today. I missed a few things, but got the gist. Only a few more tracks on the CD and then on to the next one. If it doesn't work I swear I'm going to go borrow the book from one of the ten thousand people I know who own it.

Okay, fine, ten people.

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