16 April 2011

In Two Months I'll Hate It

Today, on the way to Kung-Fu fighting class, I got into my car . . . and it was warm.

Warm? What is this phenomenon? Thursday morning snow pelted me as I drove to work. Now this great ball of light resides in a practically blue sky—causing the inside of my car to heat up and become (dum, dum, dum) warm.

In two months I will whine like a little girl that it's too hot outside. Unless of course this year goes as the past two years have gone and we don't actually get a spring here in Utah. Miserable rain and downright cold weather most of the way through June and them BAM! It's 90 degrees outside. I think spring might have stretched out for almost two weeks last year.

So, I've decided I should enjoy it while it lasts, and before opening my car door is akin to sticking your head down one of the outlet vents of Hell.

But it's a dry heat.

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