23 April 2011

Boys and Their Toys

It's true . . . they never grow up.

The other night during the kid's Kung Fu class (twelve little boys) one of them raised his hand in that “pick me, pick me!” attitude. Sensei looked at him and said, “Oh, right, go grab that really quick.”

Confused? Yes, but I played along, never knowing just what might be going on. The kid ran over to the cubbies and snatched a Zip-Lock bag off a shelf. From the bag he extracted a pen.

But it was no ordinary pen, oh no! Get this. If you write with the ink in the pen you can't see it. If you flip the pen over and then turn on the light the ink magically appears. Ta-da!

Naturally they were thrilled. Two of them held out standing in front position for almost thirty seconds before they joined the pack of boys crowded around the owner of said pen. They all wanted him to draw on them and then see what he'd drawn. I turned to laugh with Sensei, but found him almost just as enthralled. Figures.

Then tonight, I was at a friend's house and he has the mega huge DVD set of the TV show LOST. It comes with a secret disc and a dark light to help find it (I believe it was hidden somewhere in the box). Sure enough, after dinner and Condorman (love the Condorman) the three boys were over at the box, looking for the secret disc with the cool light. Then one of them had to show us that shining the dark light on his glow in the dark watch made it glow in the dark. Twice.

These are grown men. Grown but never up. Gotta love 'em.
Anyone know where I can get one of those pens?

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Jared and Lisa said...

They're called "spy pens" you can get them online for 9 bucks. :)