06 February 2011

Gosh, Can I?

This afternoon I went to a Super Bowl party. Frankly, unless the Bronco's are playing I don't care who wins. I spent seven of my most impressionable years living just outside of Denver, so no matter what, they're my team. Even if they're terrible. Which they frequently are.

So basically I was there for the food, the commercials and the chatting. Someone thought it would be a great idea to put a TV in the same room as the food. Not good. Having the ability to graze while still being able to watch the game (or whatever else happen to be on) allowed every stitch of self control that I have—had—to jump out the window and run for Canada.

In another room they had an Xbox Kinect hooked up to yet another huge TV. I wandered in there to get away from the grazing. They all know that I take a Self Defense class (Yes, I took the opportunity to show off my latest shin bruise) so one of the guys said I had to play the boxing match.

Okay, I have to admit that it was pretty fun. However, I was too fast for it.

Wait, wait, don't think I'm saying that I'm all that. No, no. Not even close. Speed is not a description that can be used for any part of my martial arts unless you are commenting on the lack of it. So to be punching faster than the Kinect could keep up was just wrong. Maybe it was the hook punches I kept throwing. And it didn't like back fists much either. Then there was the problem that I kept advancing on my opponent! A little warning on the bottom of the screen telling me to “Move Back” kept coming up.

Me? Aggressive? Moving forward? Quick, someone tell sensei!

Oh, and in case no one warns you, the Kinect takes extremely unflattering pictures of you while you flail about trying to hit things that aren't there. Ha ha, very funny.


Cindy said...

Would have been fun to see. We have a Kinect. The pictures it took of me as I was demonstrating to Jimmy that the dance game we have for it does indeed work are not ones that I want anyone to see. Not to mention the friend of Jimmy's who came in during the middle of my demonstration. Sigh.

Antiquarian said...

Yet another reason NOT to have a gaming system in the house. I'll stick with D&D and board games. No picture taking while I channel chi for the roll I want - thank the force.