09 February 2011

Another Installment in the Novel Saga

My novel is written. It needs one more go around of editing before I sent it off to a copy editor (it's good to know someone), but right now I feel like it's close. I've put together a query letter. Again, it's not perfect, but it does the job. Yesterday I finished the first round of a synopsis. Okay, this needs some serious love, but I figure it'll come in time. And who needs a synopsis before anyone requests the manuscript anyway?

Whew. That's a lot of work back there in that last paragraph. Novel, query, synopsis, outline (not before mentioned, but very important) and a partial outline for the rest of the series.

And now I have to do what? Make a list of agents who want to sell my novel?

They don't even know it yet, but they're dying to read my novel. It's what they've been waiting for all year long. Haha, I wish it was that good.

Back to the list. So I get to troll the web, searching for literary agents who represent:
-Young Adult
-Contemporary Fantasy
-First time authors

Why doesn't this sound fun to me? I'm getting ADD in my old age. I swear as a kid I loved to dive into things, figure out how they worked, watching them for hours on end. Now if I can't get it finished in fifteen minutes I get irritable or bored. Or both. Ninja girl likes quick and mean.

A few months ago I made the insane goal to start sending query letters out by Valentine's Day of 2011. Yes, that would be next Monday. The scary thing is . . . I could do it. Should I do it? Will I do it? I'll let you know. It's never to early to start collecting rejection letters, now is it? What a lovely Valentine's Day gift that would be.


Lisa said...

send them in, don't focus on rejection... They aren't all going to be. One will be just the right one! GO JO :) Sorry had to say it.

Antiquarian said...

Jo, get a copy of "writers Market" or got to http://www.writersmarket.com/ it's worth the money to help you find what you are looking for. It's really a best kept secret of the writing world and it will do most of the trolling work for you.