03 January 2011

Doubling Statistics

Tonight I went to a water aerobics class. I've done this before, recently even, but it's been a long time since I went to the deep end class. (Yes, I went to the gym on the busiest day of the year. Back off, I was there two weeks ago too.)

The first thing to know about the deep end class is that if you want to survive the hour you'll most likely need a floater belt. Don't get me wrong, you can do the whole class without the belt (I've tried. I didn't die, but I did swallow a lot of water. And I've got some serious, built in floating devices on me.) but it's not advisable.

So I knew that. What I didn't remember was that the deep end is a lot harder than the shallow end. I was tired after five minutes! All those punks upstairs on the bikes, ellipticals and treadmills had nothing on us tonight. They should get their pansy butts down to the pool. Oh, sorry. Ranting.

Well, after successfully wearing us down, the teacher brought out a blow up beach ball about a foot in diameter. Then we played water polo.

Now I played water polo for one season in high school. I was horrible. My crowning moment was when I scored. Once. It was a lucky shot . . . a very lucky shot. Still, I scored and I remember the moment like it was yesterday.

Tonight I doubled the amount of goals I've ever made playing water polo. Yes, now I have two goals in 30-something years! Go me -) There will be no mention of the fact that the class was full of, well, water aerobic people. There were some fast people, which was cool. No, I was not one of the fast ones, but I tried. It was fun. Thanks to the kid who threw me the assist. He was all over the place. Perhaps I should consider a career change . . . hah!

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