30 December 2010

Serious about Practicality and Chivalry is (Apparently) Not Dead

First off, who knew how thoughtful the Altoids people were? I broke open my new tin of peppermint flavored Altoids, which are generally awesome for freshening breath as well as clearing sinuses, and look what I found! A bonus item—almost the best Christmas surprise I got this year. You can finally surrender without being concerned about the dreaded battlefield breath—not easy to get rid of after weeks of eating field rations. Nicely done Altoids guys.

Second, I can not say that chivalry is dead. I thought it was. Frankly I haven't seen much of it lately, but now I have to take it all back.

I didn't have to work today. (No one called) This morning I wandered out of bed and to my car about 8:30am. Not to early, thank goodness. For whatever reason our parking lot did not get plowed today. My roommate has the garage this week, so my car was sitting out in the snowy, cold December weather. Not usually a problem. However, this morning I was in a dress. Not only was I in a dress but I had a bag and my purse.

Now I did put some low boots on for the parking lot. I'm not really into wearing ankle boots with my jean skirts, so I had a change of shoes in my bag. Let's just say I probably looked pretty pathetic bundled up with a skirt on and ankle boots. Frankly I didn't think about it. I opened the passenger side door to put my junk in, half crawled over the seat to start the car (mind you I'm in a skirt) when I heard someone talking behind me. Of course, knee highs and ankle boots along with who knows what else hanging out.

I quickly (and somewhat gracefully) crawled back out, trying to look nonchalant. The voice belonged to a nice man named Jeff who works in the little rock building next to our apartments. He not only helped me clean off my car, but he trampled a path to the door so I wouldn't get snowy. Little did he know that I suffer from the snow flinging curse. Any snow that gets flung off a car ends up on me. Oh well, it was very nice of him. Even if I suspect that he was sitting in his office bored out of his mind, possibly playing Farmville, just waiting for something to do. Either that or he had to get a few more service points in to make his quota for the year. Thanks buddy!

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