28 November 2010

You're Welcome

I'd like to give all of the University of Utah fans a chance to thank me. The game ended somewhat agreeably for them. I'd like to explain why.

I usually forget to watch the “big game”. Hey, no hating on me, I went to Weber, I'm neutral territory. Almost every year, when the game comes around, I find that I've packed my Saturday so full that there is no way I could watch more than part of it. When I do get to watch the game, it is unusually boring.

Point – Six or seven years ago (heck, it could have been longer than that, I'm not sure) I ended up with tickets to go to the “big game”. If I recall correctly a friend of mine was going with a boy she liked. I mentioned to someone else that I wanted to go. A boy I knew asked me (through a friend) if I wanted a ticket. I said yes. Duh! Who says no to the BYU vs U of U football game. No one, that's who.

The entire situation was awkward. The guy who got me the ticket ended up on the far side of the stadium with his on again / off again girlfriend. (She was pissed that I was there) I sat with the girlfriend's brother and some guy he knew. Okay, who cares, right? I love a good, mean football game, so I was fine with whatever.

I brought a blanket and I had a warm coat on. However, I was not prepared for the 5 degrees the temperature plummeted to. If the game had been exciting, or even mildly interesting, I would have been fine. Jumping up and down, cheering, booing, yelling . . . But NOOooooo. The game was a bust. Lame. Totally retarded. I think the score was 3-0. I don't even remember who won. On the way home we got stuck in a traffic jam—in a blizzard—and it took us like 3 hours to get back to Bountiful from Provo.

Back to my point, and this has been proven time and time again. If I watch the BYU vs U of U game, it's boring.

Yesterday I managed to remember to watch the game. I missed the first field goal. I watched from right after that until the U scored their first touchdown. Then I had to go meet a friend for dinner.

Part of me was sad to leave when the game almost looked like it was going to get good. However, the other part of me knew that hundreds of thousands of fans would get a much better show if I left. So I did.

You're welcome.

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