30 November 2010

Gravity Works

As a matter of fact, I think they've got gravity on high at the moment.

Lately our Sensei has been on this core workout kick. Crunches, funky push-ups, plank position, boats, scissor kicks, leg flies . . . and whatever else he can find on the web that looks hard.

I don't usually conceal this truth—I'm horribly out of shape. Well, I have a shape, it's just not a fit shape. It's more round and rolly, like a pear. I like pears. Even though I go to Kempo class two or three times a week, I'm still not terribly fit. Could be the need to eat almost everything I see. That's probably not helping. (That cookie looked so lonely, sitting on the plate, all by itself.)

Tonight I wore my heavy weight gi. More bulk is not usually desired, but this gi has all of my animal patches on it, and I haven't worn it for a while, so I thought I'd dig it out of the closet and wear it this week. Bad idea.

First off, we're on the ground doing all of this core work. Heavy weight gis are, well, heavy, and mine is a little big. So it engulfs me. Especially my neck and my face when we bend forward or get in push up position. Secondly, I'm positive that either the gi has a greater attraction to the ground than normal clothing (which is entirely possible) or gravity got turned up at the dojo. Either answer is fine—I just need validation.

Trying to lift my legs who knows how many dozens of times was a great deal harder tonight than it usually is. Not to mention the crunches and such. I blame the gi . . . and gravity. It's all about “G” tonight.

Aspiring Author definitely got the better deal today.

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Antiquarian said...

Oh no, gravity is increasing on me. It's true; the same thing happened yesterday.