17 November 2010


Okay, not really quoted, but close to it.

A few weeks ago I was at Dave Farland's Writer's Death Camp. I had a great time, it was awesome! Once it was all over and (sadly) we had to go back to real life, Mr. Farland asked for a review or a critique of the workshop from us.

Since I try to give useful critiques and reviews (none of that “I liked it” or “It was awesome” stuff) I sat down and put some time into what I sent back to him.

Much to my surprise, about half of my review ended up in his Daily Kick today. Work was busy (how dare they interfere with my real life) so I didn't get a chance to read my e-mail during lunch. When I finally did get around to it, I had a message from a friend asking if I was one of those that Mr. Farland quoted.

Uh, yea, that long-winded answer titled Review #1 would be me.

I know that no one knows who typed that. Okay, maybe four people in the world. Now five, with your reading this, but it's still weird. Creepy? It's just odd to be able to say, “Hey, that's me!” Perhaps I'm just crazy to think it's strange. That's always a viable answer. Does this mean I'm a published author?

Okay, back to writing with me. I just hit over 36,000 words for Nanowrimo. Should I go to bed or work on the YA novel? But first . . . Facebook.


Stacey said...

Does the college literary magazine count as published? If it does, I had a story published 15 years ago and a bit of a dry spell since.
But how cool to see yours get in there. I kind of wish you had included a link or something so I could read it.

Antiquarian said...

I want to read what you said, but I can't find it. He doesn't list the Kicks in date order...that I can find.

Anyway, Cool. It's a bit like having Jody Lee say "I like your painting" *happy grin*