14 November 2010

Oops, Blond Moment

A couple of weeks ago a lady in church asked me to do a musical number on the first Sunday in December. Something Christmasy.

It should be noted that I don't really have much musical talent. I used to play some instruments in high school, but I'm pretty sure that the saxophone is not allowed in church buildings. Maybe that's just the chapel, I'm not sure. I sing a very sad alto part, but only if I have someone to follow. This is what I get for knowing how to lead music, I suppose.

So it's supposed to be a spiritual Christmas number. That shoots down one of my only talents, and that's humor. I could re-write the 12 days of Christmas and make everyone laugh . . . but I'm sure that's not what she's going for.

What to do? I called my oldest sister and asked her. She had a couple of good suggestions. However, I'm still not sure what to to/sing/whatever. Last year I directed all of the hymns for the Christmas program for Sunday School. Can't we stick with that again?

Anyone have any ideas? I don't play the piano (one finger only) very well, my instrument is banned, I do not sing solos and my only other talent is humor. How to make the ladies cry? Besides my singing, that is.


Tohru said...

Go with the saxophone. Have some nice person accompany you, and play a sweet Christmas song. It would totally work! As long as you can remember how to play it. I've pretty much lost all my cello skill since high school, so I'm way impressed you can still play the sax!

Lisa said...

I would delegate and have a group number, someone else to stand in my stead... for I would cry if they gave me that challenge, good luck.

Antiquarian said...

I would do the humor & delegate thing. I would share a modified version of what you just wrote (about the saxophone and not singing). Then I would either have others sing a song you picked and conduct OR find someone who plays classical guitar (sorry I only know people in Provo) to play Silent Night and have the congregation sing along. (guaranteed tears!)

Or you could just let er know you can't do it. It's not a shame or against the rules to say no. And she may be able to find someone else. OR *gasp* have a rest hymn.